Results – Tuesday 16th May 2017

Midweek men

After a wet previous week no carts were allowed so unfortunately the scheduled 2nd round of the 2 day stableford competition was postponed. This event is now scheduled for 18th July. Before our report for today a reminder that  the Simms Osboldstone event is scheduled for June 6th (providing carts are allowed on the course). The first of 11 possible rounds of the Winter Challenge starts next week. This will be played as long as we get enough players each day.

Today’s winner of the replacement stableford event was John Plimmer with an awesome 40 points followed by Peter Fairfield on 38.  The cut off score for table prizes was 32 points.

Novelty prizes for the day were as follows: No 9 hole nearest pin 3rd shot, Graeme Wallace; No14 nearest pin, Harold Smith; No 16 nearest pin 2nd shot not known; No 13 nearest 1st cone, Oliver Son; nearest 2nd cone, Les Buckley; 3rd cone, Ed Isaac.

Myles Davidson and Bryan Kilmister each received 8 balls from the shop twos competition.

We  welcomed a new member of  WGC, Noel Morgan.

-Andy Provan