Closing Day Reminder – Sunday 10th December 2017

 CLOSING DAY SUNDAY 10th December 2017 – Ambrose 

Shotgun Start. Men- White tees.  Ladies – Yellow tees 

Enter in shop by Friday 8th December 

Blind Draw 

$10 entry fee 

8:15am registration for 9am multi-tee start 

Team Handicaps – Team handicaps are totalled (women add 3 shots), then divided by 4 to derive the team playing handicap for the day. 

On each hole , all 4 team members drive off. 

The player whose ball is nominated on each shot does not play the next shot, until the ball chosen is on the green. Thereafter, everyone putts. 

Minimum of four drives to be taken by each team member- indicate on card which drive taken on each hole. 

Selected Ball after each shot to be marked with a tee peg and balls to be placed within 30cms, not nearer the hole, when played.  

If nominated ball is in a hazard all balls to be played from that hazard. 

Scoring- Gross team score minus exact team handicap to give final team total. 

Prizes to be awarded at conclusion of competition.