MWM Opening Day Results

MWM report for Opening Day 16/1/18

The traditional Ambrose opening event was attended by 53 men. We were fortunate to be able to welcome 4 new members, Keith Ringrose, Ken Moffat, Wayne Butler and Brian Campbell.

We were also fortunate to play in slightly cooler conditions than Monday presented. It was still sticky, however.  The winning team with a score of net 53 was made up of; Grant Fairweather, Don Vautier, Peter McIntosh & Rod Cavaye. 2nd on 56.4 net was the team of Steve Rickett, Gary Donaghy, Oliver Son & Jim Lynch. Jim & Steve responding well to the lesson dealt out to them by their teammates on Sunday.

Novelty prizes for the day were as follows: No14 nearest pin, Peter Quin; No 2 nearest pin, Peter Fairfield; No 13 nearest 1st cone, Wayne Butler; nearest 2nd cone, Gary Donaghy; 3rd cone Laurie Flynn.

-Andy Provan