MWM Opening Day Results

MWM report for Opening Day 16/1/18

The traditional Ambrose opening event was attended by 53 men. We were fortunate to be able to welcome 4 new members, Keith Ringrose, Ken Moffat, Wayne Butler and Brian Campbell.

We were also fortunate to play in slightly cooler conditions than Monday presented. It was still sticky, however.  The winning team with a score of net 53 was made up of; Grant Fairweather, Don Vautier, Peter McIntosh & Rod Cavaye. 2nd on 56.4 net was the team of Steve Rickett, Gary Donaghy, Oliver Son & Jim Lynch. Jim & Steve responding well to the lesson dealt out to them by their teammates on Sunday.

Novelty prizes for the day were as follows: No14 nearest pin, Peter Quin; No 2 nearest pin, Peter Fairfield; No 13 nearest 1st cone, Wayne Butler; nearest 2nd cone, Gary Donaghy; 3rd cone Laurie Flynn.

-Andy Provan


Opening Day 2018

Opening Day 2018

21st January 2018

Mixed Blind Draw Teams Stableford Event

The new season is upon us.  Get back into the groove by entering the Opening Day Tournament on Sunday 21 January.

This event is a fun competition that you could still win even if you are not playing your best.  You just need your fellow team members to do well.  However, there’s a catch!  You won’t know who your fellow team members are until teams are drawn live in the clubrooms after all the scores are in.

Enter in the shop before 08:30 on Sunday morning and you’ll go in a draw for your playing group.  Groups and starting tees will be announced at 08:45 ready for a Shotgun start at 09:00.

Your playing group is not your team.  After your round scan your card then your Stableford score will then be entered into the teams draw.  Teams will be drawn as soon as possible after all scores are in.  During the teams draw, the individual Stableford scores of each team member will be totalled to arrive at the team score.

Men will play off the white tees, ladies off the yellow.

Event entry fee is $10.

In keeping with this being a fun event, we invite members to bring guests to compete in this event (guests need to have an NZGA handicap and will pay green fees as well as the event entry fee).

Event rules are set out below.
Ring (021 070 5029) or email Olly in the shop to enter.

OPENING DAY 2018 – 21 JANUARY 2018
RULES FOR BLIND DRAW STABLEFORD EVENT                                         Competition:
Men’s and Women’s Blind Draw Team Stableford
Any Member or guest of a member with a current NZGA handicap.
Enter in the Shop in advance or before 08:30 on the day.

Entry Fee:
Fee of $10.00 per player is payable to the Shop prior to commencement of play.

Shop vouchers

Shotgun start at 9am.
Playing groups will be a blind draw, but the draw will be arranged so there is a mix of men/women & high/low handicap players in each group.
The draw will be announced at 8:45 allowing groups 15 minutes to get to their starting tee.
Each player will submit their individual 18 hole Stableford score.
The teams will be drawn live in the clubrooms after all scores have been submitted.  The individual stableford scores of each team member will be totalled to determine the team score.
Teams may be 2, 3 or 4 players, at the discretion of the Match Committee, dependent on the number of entries.
Men:  White
Women:  Yellow
(if any) must be reported to, and will be dealt with under the Rules of Golf by the Match Committee at the end of play.


9-Hole Women Competition Winners 2017






9 HOLE MATCH PLAY TROPHY                            CARYLL HEWSON




PAR  TROPHY                                                          JOY BERRY


MOST IMPROVED PLAYER                                   ADRIENNE DALE


SHAND BIRDIE TROPHY                                      JULIE LINES




LGU  WINNER(BADGE)                                         HEATHER PETERS






SHOOT OUT WINNER                                             CARYLL HEWSON






Closing Day Reminder – Sunday 10th December 2017

 CLOSING DAY SUNDAY 10th December 2017 – Ambrose 

Shotgun Start. Men- White tees.  Ladies – Yellow tees 

Enter in shop by Friday 8th December 

Blind Draw 

$10 entry fee 

8:15am registration for 9am multi-tee start 

Team Handicaps – Team handicaps are totalled (women add 3 shots), then divided by 4 to derive the team playing handicap for the day. 

On each hole , all 4 team members drive off. 

The player whose ball is nominated on each shot does not play the next shot, until the ball chosen is on the green. Thereafter, everyone putts. 

Minimum of four drives to be taken by each team member- indicate on card which drive taken on each hole. 

Selected Ball after each shot to be marked with a tee peg and balls to be placed within 30cms, not nearer the hole, when played.  

If nominated ball is in a hazard all balls to be played from that hazard. 

Scoring- Gross team score minus exact team handicap to give final team total. 

Prizes to be awarded at conclusion of competition.  


Full Shootout Results 2017

Many thanks to Caren Martin for recording these, and for the great photos now on our Facebook page.

Men – Sponsored by Brian Geddes Builder Ltd

19th Gary Coutts

18th Stu McLaren

17th Kevin Smith

16th Greg Beale

15th Simon Amos

14th Peter Knight

13th Nick Ray

12th Ed Isaac

11th Peter Venner

10th Grant Waterhouse

9th Rob Cooper

8th Brian Geddes

7th Iain Cossar

6th Paul Keno

5th John Murphy

4th Andy Wray

3rd Mark Mitchell

2nd Ian Trim

Winner Philip Carthew

Women – Sponsored by Ryman Healthcare

Top Qualifier Maureen Creasy

19th Janet Strand

18thCheryl Hughes

17thRuth Scott

16th Jeanette McCutcheon

15th Kate Pope

14th Jenny Heggie

13th Lynette Tonks

12th Steph Drinnan

11th Rae Henderson

10th Jenny Shirley

9th Heather Verry

8th Ilene Wilson

7th Alison Miller

6th Carolyn Hawe

5th Julie Harris

4th Maureen Creasy

3rd Ngaire Cheevers

2nd Angela Lee

Winner Robyn Donaghy

9 Hole Men

2nd Doug Hipkiss

Winner Richard Berry

9 Hole Women

Sponsored by Party Perfect

10th Julie Simpson

9th Betty Collian

8th Linda Hair

7th Judith Jackson

6th Joy Berry

5th Adrienne Dale

4th Jane Peter

3rd Sue Hiles

2nd Marjory Roydon

Winner Caryll Hewson


Shootout Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists. Below is the field as at 30/11/17. At this stage, Ryan is the first alternate and there is no chip-off required.

The Shootout is scheduled for this Sunday, the 3rd of December 2017. Competitors, please report to the 1st tee at 8am for briefing and tee off shortly thereafter. If you are not there by 8am then the alternate will come into play. You are allowed to practice on the course prior to that.

1 Ray, Nick Waikanae 66 66 69 201
2 Keno, Paul Waikanae 67 67 70 204
3 Knight, Peter Waikanae 67 67 70 204
4 Coutts, Gary Waikanae 67 68 70 205
5 McLaren, Stu Waikanae 63 71 71 205
6 Trim, Ian Waikanae 65 67 74 206
7 Amos, Simon Waikanae 66 67 73 206
8 Smith, Kevin Waikanae 68 69 69 206
9 Mitchell, Mark Waikanae 65 70 71 206
10 Cossar, Iain Waikanae 65 70 72 207
11 Geddes, Brian Waikanae 66 70 71 207
12 Beale, Greg Waikanae 67 70 71 208
13 Cooper, Robert Waikanae 68 69 71 208
14 Carthew, Philip Waikanae 67 70 72 209
15 Wray, Andy Waikanae 69 69 72 210
16 Murphy, John Waikanae 70 71 71 212
17 Isaac, Ed Waikanae 67 73 74 214
18 Waterhouse, Grant Royal Wellington 70 72 73 215
19 Venner, Peter Waikanae 71 72 73 216
20 Kinealy, Ryan Waikanae 69 72 76 217

Results – Tuesday 31st October 2017

Midweek Men

Don’t worry about spring, it’s mid summer in Waikanae. 64 men turned out for a round of Canadian foursomes, a MWM Singles Cup semi final (Graeme Wallis will now play Kevin Woodley in the final some day soon) and a Singles Plate final. Congratulations to Barry Carr who won the plate final.

We had a random draw in the Foursomes which was won by Warren Sutton and Doug Stevens with a net of 64. Allan Chisholm and George Forbes were second on net 66. Cut  off score for table prizes was net 72 on count back.

Novelty prizes for the day were as follows: No 14 nearest pin, Gordon Hall; No13 1st cone, John Peters; 2nd cone, Mark France; 3rd cone John Plimmer; No 8 nearest pin, Jim Lynch.

-Andy Provan


Results – Sunday 29th October 2017

Club Champ Finalists

After all the qualifying, quarters, and semis – the finalists have been found:

Open: G. Coutts vs R. Cooper

Intermediate: P. Carthew vs A. Walding

Junior: N. Ray vs P. Knight

Vets: G. Fairweather vs G. Waterhouse

Congratulations to all the finalists and the best of luck for next Sunday, the 5th November.


Club Champs Update

Players can play their quarter-finals any time up to, and including, the 29th October.

The semi-finals are to be played on the 29th; the finals on the 5th November.

This means that if you do play your quarter on the 29th , and win, you will need to play the semi in the afternoon session.


18 hole golf course on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand