Weekly Schedule

Unless otherwise stated in the programme, these are the normal tee times allocated to the various groups which make up the club’s membership:

Sunday:   (Club Day) Weekend Men tee off from 7.30 to 9.15

Weekend Women tee off from 9.15 to 10.00

Monday: 9-Hole Women’s Club Day tee off at 9.00

9-Hole Men tee off at 13.00

Tuesday: Mid Week Men registration from 8.15, tee off at 9.30 (9.00 summer months)
Wednesday: Mid Week Women tee off at 9.00

Men’s Roll-up at 11.15 for a drawn start at 11.45

9-Hole Women’s Roll-up tee off at 12.45

9-Hole Men tee off at 12.45

Thursday: Men’s White Tee Roll-up by 08.15 for a 08.30 tee time
Friday: Women’s Roll-up at 8.30

Men’s White Tee Roll-up at 8.30 for 8.50 start

9-Hole Women’s Roll-up at 10.36

Men’s Blue Tee Roll-up at 11.00 for a drawn start at 11.24

9-Hole Men tee off at 13.00


Please report to the Convenor, at least half an hour before the above tee times.

18 hole golf course on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand