The Board

The Waikanae Golf Club Strategic Plan has been published, revised and updated.  It is available to read and print in the Members Only page,  password protected.

The Course Development & Facilities Development Plan are available here:

Club Rules, By-Laws, Policies & Processes

Contains: Part 1 – Members, Part 2 – Club Rules, Part 3 – Office-Holders and Committees, Part 4 – Club Administration

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General Meeting – Waimeha Village

A general meeting was held on Thursday 27 August 2015 to inform members of an agreement that the Club has entered into concerning its long-term relationship with the proposed Waimeha Village which will abut the 9th Fairway. Read more about it in the (pdf) Maypole Agreement Handout


Waikanae Golf Club Constitution – amended at 2016 AGM

18 hole golf course on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand