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10th Hole

Diagram Hole 10
10th Hole Diagram

A long hole into a widening fairway.  Only very long hitters can clear the stream in front of the green with their second shots and most players will lay up short of the green (avoiding a barely noticeable hazard to the left) so as to chip over the stream to the green with their third shots.  Large willows to both left and right guard the approach shots to the green.

11th Hole

11th Hole Diagram

An interesting dogleg left hole with a hidden green.  A straight shot centre-right over the saddle allows a clear shot to the green. Balls hit either right or left into the longer rough may not be found – a provisional ball is recommended.  The green is large, but falls away quickly on the right side.

12th Hole

12th Hole Diagram

A challenging tee shot to an elevated green. A high shot will hold on the green. If you are short, the ball will roll back to the bottom of the steep slope, but being too long also presents a challenging chip. The green slopes strongly from back to front and east to west so plenty of borrow and “touch” is required for most putts.

13th Hole

13th Hole Diagram

The signature hole at Waikanae – teeing from elevated tees for the men and at fairway-level for the women.  An accurate, full tee shot (“risk and reward” from the Blue tees) is required over the wetlands and stream to a wide fairway. The approach shot to the green needs to avoid the bunker short and right of the green which slopes from back to front.  This hole is rightfully indexed as Stroke-hole 2 for men.

Men's 13th Tee Sponsors
Men’s 13th Tee Sponsors
13th Hole towards the clubhouse
13th Hole towards the clubhouse

14th Hole

14th Hole Diagram

An accurate tee shot is required to avoid the trees at the entrance to the two-tiered green and the bunker to the right. A pin placement on the top tier is a more demanding target.

15th Hole

15th Hole Diagram
15th Hole Diagram

A dogleg left that requires a long centre-right drive to set up a shorter shot to a small green that mostly falls away to the right. A stand of trees on the left of the fairway may punish wayward tee shots.

15th Hole Sponsors

16th Hole

A short dogleg right hole that rewards a long straight tee shot.  Any shot to the right brings roughly grassed humps into play making the second shot blind and more demanding.  The green slopes from back to front and is guarded by a bunker on the right.

Front Room
16th Hole Sponsors

17th Hole

17th Hole Diagram

A straight hole with a hazard on the left. Approach shots need to land on the green as the front is often soft, however, beware the Out-of-Bounds beyond the green.

18th Hole

18th Hole Diagram

A challenging finishing hole that demands a long straight tee shot to allow the next shot to open up the green. There are three water hazards and well placed trees to manage your shots around. The green is large, flat and waisted with run-offs to right and left. The clubhouse area behind the green is Out-of-Bounds – but you are welcome there after your round!

18th Hole towards the green
18th Hole towards the green

18 hole golf course on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand